Master and PhD positions in Neuroscience

Applications for research positions starting WS 2020 are now invited from Master and/or PhD students.

Students will be involved in active research projects dealing with the top-down modulation of early sensory processing. In these projects we record neuronal activity at the single neuron and population level and aim to decrypt the behavioral states that engage top-down mechanisms. As a model system our laboratory uses transgenic mice. A major goal of our research group is to understand how top-down inputs shape our perception of the external world and help us navigate through it.

For this research we use a variety of cutting-edge techniques in which the students will be trained, including in vivo two-photon microscopy, in vivo extracellular recordings, epifluorescence signal imaging, genetic and optogenetic manipulations, and behavioral experiments. We offer an open working flair, where we mutually benefit from each other’s experiences without restricting creativity.

We are seeking highly motivated individuals that want to join our DFG funded project (Emmy Noether Research group). The ideal candidate will have a background in neuroscience, engineering, or related discipline and an ability to work in a multidisciplinary team. Special considerations are given to applicants with training in imaging, in vivo physiology, computational approaches, and programming skills (esp. LabView and MATLAB).

Applicants, please apply electronically to m.rothermel(at)sensorik.rwth-aachen.de. Please include a letter of interest, curriculum vitae and the names of two references with regular and e-mail addresses and phone number.

Why Aachen?  Aachen is both: a great place to life AND to do science. The outstanding reputation of the RWTH for its research in science, technology and engineering fields is maybe best documented in its recent success in Germany's Excellence Initiative. With its location at the border region between Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, Aachen is not only in the center of one of Europe’s major economic areas, and ideally situated to promote scientific collaborations but also offers diverse neighborhoods, great schools, arts, entertainment and recreation possibilities and therefore is a great choice to call home.